Comedy Long Glove (60”)..$20.00
Special Multicolor Long Glove..$25.00
Flintastic Long Glove (Multicolor 18’)..$60.00
White Cotton Dress Gloves..$8.00
Brooke Style Bouquet Wand..$400.00
Karrell Fox Snake Bouquet..$375.00
Drooping or Wilting Flower..$50.00

Deluxe Phantom Tube. $225.00
Bullet For Above..$85.00
Atomic Cocktail Shaker..$1600.00
Deluxe Model..$1985.00
Paris Silk Production Cabinet..$225.00

Crystal Mirror Box..$60.00

Crystal Casket..$60.00

Cauldron Production..$40.00

Silk Vanish Wand..$65.00

Supreme Master Golden Production..$95.00

Supreme Master Livestock Production..$125.00

Devil’s Hank..$35.00
Banana Bandana..$45.00

Dragon Zombie Foulard..$275.00

Half Dyed Hank Sets..r/w, r/y, t/p (6 momme)

12"..$40.00  15"..$55.00  18"..$65.00

(5 Momme Sets Also Available)

Cane Silks (5 Momme)

15"..$18.00  18"..$22.00  24"..$30.00

Sleeve Bouquet Load Tubes
(S, M, L Black, Red, or White)..$5.00
Double Load Sleeves..$10.00
Mylar Production Coils..50’-$8.00..150’-$25.00
Color Mixer (Hexaflex)..$45.00

Performer remove one glove and as he starts
to remove the second glove it continues to grow and
grow; until it is over 60” long. Made of the finest
dress gloves available, normally for the left hand.
Right hand long models available upon request.
Complete, with a matching normal glove for the
other hand.

Same great effect a the comedy long glove, but now the  glove is seen to change colors as it comes out. Starting with white and progressing though not one or two but three multicolored changes. Multicolors are bright prints with stripes, or dots, etc.

This is a new twist on an old effect that has been a sellout at many major conventions. Our original design and first introduced in 1984. Don’t be confused with the cheap, knockoff copies of this we are called on to replace. Left hand is standard. Right hand models upon request. With a matching normal glove for the other hand

Howard Flint’s addition to our multicolor long gloves. Same wonderful bright color changes, but now over 18’ feet. Special kicker of pulling pair of lacy underwear at the end of the glove is included (or easily removed if you wish). This was a hit at Abbott’s Magic 50th Get Together. Left hand is standard. Right hand models upon request. With a matching normal glove for the other hand.

100% cotton dress gloves. The same we use in all our effects. Furnished in large or extra large sizes. Large fits most performers No snaps to fumble with during the act. Washable.

Another great idea from the fertile mind of the late Karrell Fox. Made under an exclusive agreement with Karrell. Performer produces a large bouquet of flowers which he starts to hand to his on-stage assistant. As he does, suddenly two large spring snakes fly out of the bouquet. Produced from silks or taken from a table. The possibilities are endless.

Snakes are cloth, yes cloth, covered. the bouquet is about 12” x 12” spread upon production. Snakes are under your control at all times. You can aim for direct hits, near misses, or just general pandemonium.This could very well be the next classic prop for kid show magic.


One of the most used props made the way should be. A large bloom slowly wilts upon command. Just because it is often used a “throwaway” in a routine does it have to look like one? You’ll be proud to own and use our version. Available in many brilliant colors and designed to fit into Fantasio candle. Also made in peony, poinsettia, and rose flowers.


The magician’s wand magically changes into a large beautiful flower. Available in several vivid colors. Made with Fantasio’s plastic wands. Ideal for close-up, club, or stage work. Ingenious construction and finest workmanship.

The most beautiful and practical phantom tube ever made. Twelve inches tall and just under 4” in diameter. Made with bright, grade A, krinkle chrome exterior and bright chrome interior, there is no paint to worry about chipping off. Fingerprints do not show on the tube’s exterior. Holds a 9” x 25’ streamer. Two chrome steel paper rings and cloth carrying bag included. Absolutely the last phantom tube you will ever need to buy.

Special models available with Brass finish or with mix and match chrome and brass finishes.

No one made this so it looked normal. Made with fine quality suit lining that looks absolutely normal and in place in most upscale clothing. Eugene Burger bought two and sent Jeff McBride over to buy two. Phil Whilmarth said “absolutely the best devils hank I have seen”.

The pocket is internally hung so there is no sag even with a heavy watch in it. There are little buttons so you know which corners to hold when opening it up. Available in red, black, navy blue, grey, burgundy, and light tan. A great utility prop to vanish cards, coins or even to force numbers.

Banana Bandana

This was created in response to performers who have been doing  the "Banana and Hanky" trick in mutiple shows.  It was difficult if not impossible to keep the hank clean.

We have enlarged the hank to fit a banana and added an easy to clean pocket.  We have also retained the use of beads in the upper corners has we have always done on our devils's hank. 

Read what pro kid show performer Roger "Skip" Way had to say...

"The hank is very well made with durable cloth, good weight and strong stitching. The pocket is remarkably easy to clean with a dry or damp paper towel and can be pulled out for more thorough cleaning. I was concerned with the pocket liner ripping through the stitching, however, after being intentionally brutal over three weeks of active use I see no wear or weakening whatsoever in that area. I used the hank for five consecutive shows during a New Year's Eve First Night appearance and reset was easier than ever. The pocket is wide enough to easily accept the folded banana. I closed by stating that I was honored to have been asked to test the hank and felt that it was well worth the price.

.......... those who know you know the value you place on quality
workmanship and materials and this hank lived up to those expectations."

You will wonder how you got along without this great prop and how we have simply and effeciently we solved one of the major problems with this great routine.  $45

We manufacture our own load tubes to hold the bouquets in load position when you must produce them later in your act. We stock small, medium, and large sizes in black, red, and white. They are made to correspond in size to our 5, 6, 11 and 18 bloom bouquets. We will be happy to make special sized tubes as needed.

Supreme Master Golden Production

If you ever wanted a quick no fumble production method, this is it. 

Ken Griffin used this to produce a guinea Pig.  The Great Raymond used it for oranges.  You can produce any small object that just a little weight to it instantly without any fumbling.  A full demo is on You Tube at:

Long unavailable.  Now made with significant improvements that you have come to expect from Hughes Magic.

Supreme Master Livestock Production

If you need a little more room than our Supreme Master Golden Production, this is the way to go.  The bag has side panel expansion to allow for larger animals.  It was designed to hold a four pound rabbit.

It is still a one hand steal and release but it a slightly different release for the larger animal.  It is also better if you are transferring loads from an assistant as opposed to from a table.