Orange Trees
Model 1 ..$4500.00
Model 2 or 3 ..Price on Application
Blooming Rose Bush (Silk Leaves,Radio Controled Model..$3000.00


Silk roses and leaves make this the most realistic bush ever made. Slowly bloom 15 removable roses while the bush sits in an attractive pot. Lots of full, thick green foliage. Roses are removable after being bloomed. Packs into it's own case furnished with the effect. Stands about 24" tall and 15" wide.

This is a very limited production effect. It is the first practical and realistic blooming rose bush made since the old P&L models which sell for upwards of $2400. Similar units have been supplied to Landis Smith, Robert Albo, Rich Bloch, David Ben, and Jay Owenhouse. This effect is beautiful and never fails to impress an audience.

Initial and rebloomed roses are available in many colors of your choice. We will include a method to pass out real roses at the conclusion of the effect. Available with or without radio control.


Based on the legendary Robert Houdin effect, this effect has been expanded into a stage sized miracle that will build reputations.

Available in three models. Model one has nine four blossom darts that are removed from a five foot high tree. Through thick foliage, nine real oranges are slowly seen to grow forth and can be passed out to the audience. Entirely self-contained, work surrounded. Model two not only blooms the oranges, but also the flowers which fall off and flutter to the ground. Model three adds the growth of the tree in height before the flowers start to bloom.

Not just another trick but a featured illusion that will continue to be produced in a very limited number.